You have probably worked this out already but I absolutely love seafood. Any opportunity to eat it I will take.  Today we spent the morning birdwatching on Staple Island and decided to go somewhere different for lunch in the afternoon. We decided on Alnmouth. Not far south of where we were staying and the promise of lovely views and the beach.  A quick search led us to the Guardian and an article they posted  last year about cheap eats in the area including mention of a seafood shack.  So off we went and I am REALLY glad we did.

This place is very unassuming with a hand painted sign and hand written notes and menu outside, but it delivers in abundance.

The note on the door sealed it for me….read it for yourself….

The hand written menu inside made me grin from ear to ear, the only difficult bit was deciding what to have.  Actually it wasn’t that difficult.

They had half lobster and fries for less than a tenner. Decision made.  (Ten minutes later they sold out) We chose to eat in as there were three little tables inside and watched a number of people come in for takeaway.  It is clearly a popular place.
My lobster and fries was perfect. That’s all I can say. It really was.

Mr Frivolitea ordered the smoked haddock Mac n cheese in a pot.  He was delighted and is planning his next visit.

What a find this place was! I can’t wait to see what is on offer next time we visit.

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