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Frivolitea on tour in Iceland – The Reykjavik Food Walk

I know I've said before that food was not the focus of our trip to Iceland but when I discovered that there was a walking food tour of Reykjavik I knew it would be the best way to see the city and an excuse to eat lots of food. Not that I ever really need an excuse... We met our guide Egill outside the magnificent Harpa concert hall at lunchtime...

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Frivolitea on tour in Iceland – Hotel Ranga

I have to admit that food was not the driver for visiting Iceland. I wasn't sure what to expect. We booked the chef's choice menu at our hotel really so that we knew the costs before we arrived. Iceland is very expensive and eating out in particular hits the wallet. However I was blown away by the food. We discovered that the great thing about the chef's choice menu was that you...

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