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Torta di Susine (Plum Cake)

I may have mentioned before that I have a bit of an obsession with cookery books, there is nothing I enjoy more than an evening reading through various books and planning what I might make. One of my favourite food writers is Tessa Kiros. I discovered her books when I went to Florence on a school trip! I was wandering around Sienna and buying as much food as I thought...

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Plum crumble

I LOVE crumble. There is something very comforting about it, especially when it's in a big bowl with some custard ( and I often give myself permission to cheat and buy ambrosia ready to heat custard) My favourite crumble is Plum crumble. You will need For the filling: A punnet ( or two) of plums A little butter and some soft brown sugar Halve and stone the plums and arrange...

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Damsons, pears and plums

There is something exciting about being given plentiful fruit from friends gardens. This weekend I had several bags of damsons, pears and plums and so got to researching and planning. I settled on damson jam and my first go at making muffins. Damson Jam My ingredients: Approximately 4lbs damsons ΒΌ pint water 4 lbs sugar My method: So I make jam the way my mummy taught me and I don't...

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