Established has been on my list for a while.  I discovered it thanks to Haptik and as you know from my post about Haptik, the fact that Northern Ireland now has a growing number of independant coffee bars that pride themelves in crafting top quality coffee makes me very happy indeed.

Established sits in the heart of the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast,  an area that I am yet to explore fully (see posts later in the year!) I love the feel of this place, bright, airy, creative, the sort of place you just want to hang out for a while and drink coffee. That’s what I did. (albeit with my brother and 2 year old nephew in tow but hey they were happy to oblige!)I did my usual test of how good a coffee place is and ordered a cappuccino.  It passed the test  – rich and full of flavour. 

  The selection of cakes were very appealing and as usual I couldnt resist.   I went for the white chocolate and raspberry loaf which had a fantastic fresh raspberry flavour.  

My brother chose to have the Carmelita (Bolivia) filter coffee.  I really liked the way it was served.
A brief post I know but there you have it. A  great place to hang out, serving fantastic coffee, slap bang in the centre of Belfast.  I’ll be back and next time I’m ordering brunch – just take a look at their instagram page and you will understand why!


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