For many years we have made the long (long long) trip to the Outer Hebrides. It is worth every second of the long journey but more of that another time. For the last 5 years, thanks to a recommendation, we have stopped at the Mountain café in Aviemore en route. I love this place, the walls and ceilings are decked with climbing gear and the cake counter is a thing of beauty. The café’s popularity is clear to see from the many awards on the walls and the queue to get in. The food is fresh and creative with plenty of healthy and vegetarian options. 

 One of my favourite dishes (the one I have usually ordered) is the New Zealand style sweetcorn fritters (the chef patron is from New Zealand). 

 When we visited this time I had a mild panic as it wasn’t on the menu. However, I then spotted curried cauliflower fritters with sour cream and mango chutney on the menu. Panic over. Cauliflower is my favourite vegetable and this dish did not disappoint. Wonderfully light fritters packed full of flavour. The mango chutney and sour cream really brought the dish together. 

On our  journey back from Lewis we stopped again, this time queuing for 20 minutes ( I told you this place was good). This time I had the special – chilli coriander haggis pakoras with minted yoghurt and mango chutney. Words cannot explained how wonderful this was. Really stunning. I’m craving them now as I type.

You need to visit here, really you do.


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