This month’s cookbook was Hemsley and Hemsley.  A mixed month with some recipes working well and others just not having the flavour I’d hope. The revelations for me were the cauliflower mash and celeriac fries.  They will become staples in the Frivolitea household.

Week 1 Huevos Racheros with guacamole. We really liked this. The guacamole was a great addition and we will add this to Shakshukit / Huevos rancheros every time from now on.

Week 2 spicy chicken thighs with watercress salsa verde. ( lacked flavour which surprised me!)

Week 3 no fry chicken curry with broccoli rice.  This was easy to do in the slow cooker but rather wet. Would add less liquid in future. 

Week 4 chicken comfort pie ( cauliflower mash topping) this was a great ‘leftovers’ recipe and the cauliflower mash is a real hit.

The extra recipe! Mexican beef and carrot burgers with celeriac fries. A real hit with enough mix left to make some meatballs to have with courgette and tomato sauce for another meal.


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