I love Simon Rogan’s food. Our first experience of it was at L’Enclume in 2012.  We have since visited The French a couple of times and Fera and always come away excited and amazed at the creative way he uses ingredients and especially those foraged and lesser known. Here is an outline of that meal on 28th October 2012. I still remember key elements of the meal like it were yesterday. A memorable meal!

Oyster pebbles

Cockles and cucumber

Smoked eel with ham fat (no photograph but I can still remember the taste! Amazing!)

Squid and chicken

Crispy potato and coddled eggs 

Cod ‘yolk’ , sage cream, radish, salt and vinegar (Cod made into a mousse and set like a yolk. Salt and vinegar through the puffed rice)

Westcombe dumplings, beetroots and watercress
Valley venison, charcoal oil, mustard and fennel 

Jerusalem artichoke, lovage, English truffles, ragstone 

Sea scallop with sweet corn, buckwheat and meadowsweet 

Heritage tomatoes in rosehip, smoked narrow and borage 

Turbot with sea asters, mussels and onions 

Cumbrian Galloway beef and grilled carrots with brassicas and Cowmire cider 

Chestnut cream, apple, woodruff 

Cumbrian slate, quince, lemon verbena, and hazelnut (‘slate’ made from sloes)

Blackberry with plum, malt and stout 

Pear, sweet cheese and apple marigold cones (cones made from elderberry)

Petit fours of Kendal mint cake aerated ice cream and chocolate 

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