I was given a beautiful haunch of venison as a gift recently and so planned a meal for friends with the haunch as the star of the show. Here’s what I did:


Haunch of venison (mine was just over 2kg bone in but this would work with boned and rolled too)

2 onions sliced


Bunch of rosemary (half chopped, half as sprigs set aside for later)

2 small lemons (zest and juice)

4 tablespoons rapeseed oil (I use Yorkshire rapeseed oil, made just up the road from us on the Yorkshire wolds)

Put the haunch of venison in a container.  Mix the marinade ingredients together and put the marinade over the venison (this can be left overnight or a few hours depending on what time you’ve got).

When you are ready to cook the haunch, turn the oven to 220c

Make incision marks in the haunch and put the sprigs of rosemary in the incisions

Put the onions in an oven proof dish, set the haunch on top and pour over any marinade that is left

Cook the haunch at 220c for 20 minutes.  Once this time is up pour 500ml vegetable stock into the dish and turn the oven down to 200c. I like my venison medium to medium rare so I cooked it for 20 minutes plus  15 minutes per 500g. 


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