I’ve written about Le Cochon Aveugle before. I love it. Josh Overington is a genius. Here’s what we had this week when we visited. ( we went for the carte Blanche option)

A peche egg ( at least I think this is what it was called but who cares it was delicious! ) 

Whitby crab and apple, Potato chip

Radish with fermented pepper mayonnaise

English and white French asparagus, almond gazpacho, lemon zest

Lamb tartare, oyster emulsion, cider granita 

Homemade tagliatelle with wild mushroom ragu 

Blowtorches mackerel, goats curd, melon veloute  

Lobster ( I was so excited about this course I forgot to write down what it was!)

3 part main course – Duck consommé with beer, Foie gras, citrus jam, cracker , Sous vide Duck, aubergine, tear drop peppers, tasty paste 

Strawberry, wild strawberry strawberry mousse, pistachio ice cream, cream of wasabi 

Roasted pineapple, caramel sauce, Szechuan pepper, truffle ice cream, fresh truffle ( my favourite and a great way to end the meal )


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