Mr Frivolitea and I make an annual pilgrimage here for one simple reason (well two) a crab stottie (Mr Frivolitea usually has Swallow’s fish cakes) and a pint of Ship Inn beer.  This is a short blog post as there’s not much to say. It’s perfect. A free house that doesn’t faff about. Short simple menu, beer brewed on site and a fantastic view. That’s all that we require and it’s why we keep coming back!

The view towards the beach

Crab Stottie

Swallow’s fish cakes 

 It’s  worth saying that they do an occasional special and on this visit they had chocolate mousse cake with cardomom honeycomb. Wow! It was amazing. Mr Frivolitea has decided all honeycomb should be cardomom flavoured from now on. 

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