I’ve been walking past Kiosk for a couple of months, every time when they are closed, intrigued.  I love food and I love ceramics so the window display and interior of Kiosk kept calling me in. Kiosk is another recent addition to Fossgate which has a growing collection of exciting and independent places to eat and drink. Finally I found a day when I was free and they were open and set about getting some brunch.

What a fabulous place! The menu is simple but incredibly exciting.  I couldn’t decide what to have but as fortune would have it I discovered I was sharing a table with Becky, one of the three owners. A quick chat about food and the decision was made. I was going to have the asparagus wrapped in bacon with a lemon and herb dressing but at Becky’s suggestion adding a fried egg and a slice of sourdough.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better the chef popped his head out of the kitchen and said he’d just made some fresh pesto with sunflower seeds and did I want some of that drizzled on top.  Why wouldn’t I?

The food was perfect. Fresh, simple and really tasty. The coffee was also really great. The knowledge and love of making excellent coffee shines through.  I ended having two flat whites because the first was so good. 

I love everything about this place and I’ll definitely be back.  Chatting with them about their food and what they love to cook was a joy. During the conversation I discovered they  do ‘cantinas’ one evening a month.  I couldn’t book on the August one as it is full before it has even been advertised (doesn’t that speak volumes!) but my name is down for September even though they don’t know the date yet.  I wasn’t taking the risk of missing out! 


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