Mr Frivolitea and I love Thai food so decided on this visit to London to try something new. I’d heard a bit about Smoking Goat and loved the idea of Thai barbecue so we rocked up on the Sunday lunchtime to enjoy some food before getting the train home.

I have to be honest that I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went through the door. At first glance Smoking Goat is dark and dingy and a bit surreal with dried puffer fish adorning the ceiling. However what it lacks in colour in the decor it certainly makes up for in the food on offer. The great thing about this place is you can order a selection of dishes to share. However as always with Mr Frivolitea and I that leads to difficult decisions when everything on the menu sounds great.
Mr Frivilotea chose a Tamarind soda to drink.


It was so good he then had another and we finally agreed on some dishes:

Khan Phot Ping smoked corn with salted coconut and chilli


grilled hispi cabbage with peanuts, chilli and soy


bavette waterfall beef Nahm Dtok with lemongrass and chilli


and some sticky rice to mop up all the tasty juices.


This is food with a seriously good kick. Every dish we had took us to our limit chilli wise, in a good way. None of that nasty burning heat that sticks around, this is the sort of heat that hits you hard and quick and then melts away with all the other amazing flavours in the dish leaving that lovely warm tingly feeling in your mouth. I’ m still trying to work out which I liked most and am struggling. Everything was delicious. I think the smoked corn might just have had the edge but then I am a sucker for sweetcorn and coconut.

I’m looking forward to another opportunity to try their food and I’m certainly inspired to try some of the flavours at home.


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