When we spoke to Johnny at Haptik about places to try on the Causeway Coast, one of the places he said we must visit is Lost and Found. It’s in Coleraine, in the main shopping area. I have to confess, I don’t go to Coleraine much, there’s not much there. However this place makes Coleraine worth a visit.  


We went with our friends Dave and Becky who until recently lived back home in Coleraine. Mr Frivolitea sampled the brew bar and I did my usual taste test and had a cappuccino. It’s a great place. I love the decor and feel of the room (you can always tell it’s a place that serves great coffee by the hipster lighting it seems). The highlight for me however was the Swedish almond cake, modelled here exquisitely by Dave. 


We also bumped in to George from Babushka whilst enjoying our coffee. When the owner of another local coffee bar (an amazing one at that) chooses to visit on his day off for coffee you know it’s the place to be. Oh and they use Ursa Minor Bakehouse bread. What’s not to like.  

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