If I were to say to you we were going to have dinner at a Shack on the beach you probably would be expecting reasonable food and a bit of a camping chairs and blankets sort of evening. Well not here. Harry’s shack, is in effect, a shack. A wooden building on the beach.  But not any old beach. No, this shack is on one of the most wonderful beaches I have ever been to. I mean, I am a bit biased as it is a beach back home but look…… Look at the view…..

And this is not any old shack. The food here is stunning. Fantastically fresh and local food, particularly the seafood. Nothing is messed about with. It’s served simply but to the highest quality and the menu changes regularly as they serve what comes in off the boat.

We shared a starter of spiced whitebait and Marie Rose sauce. This was just perfect. The fishyness of whitebait given a lift by the delicate spice rub on the batter.

I then had then best ‘fish and chips’ I have ever had. Really. Which is saying a lot because the fish and chips at the Magpie Cafe in Whitby are really hard to beat.   This was a salt water cured haddock in buttermilk batter with mushy peas and chips. It was simply amazing. I have never tasted battered fish like it!

Mr Frivolitea opted for Greencastle hake, fennel potatoes, spiced ketchup and capers.  Mr Frivolitea enjoyed this so much I was only allowed the smallest of tastes!

For pudding I had one of my favourite desserts. Creme Caramel. But this was no ordinary creme caramel. This was Vanilla creme caramel with raspberries, pistachios and raspberry sorbet. The creme caramel was stunning; rich and creamy with a deep cararamel topping.


Mr Frivolitea had, what he described as, chocolate heaven in a pot. Chocolate pot, salted caramel ice cream and coconut foam. 

This really is one of my favourite places to be and place as to eat. You can’t fault it. 


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