I have to admit, I was particularly excites about this visit as part of our most recent holiday in the Lakes.  A distillery visit is always something I enjoy and one that also makes gin is a particular win.   

The Lakes distillery has not been open long.  Everything looks new but still somehow connected to the landscape around it thorugh the use of slate and stone. 


We decided to go on the distillery tour before heading to the bistro for food.  The tour had some great elements to it and clearly a lot has been invested in the displays and rooms. However some elements I didn’t particularly enjoy including the attempts at interactivity through a ‘character’ appearing to tell the history of the area.  I think aimed at children but it just didn’t work for me.  I wanted to know more about the people involved in the distillery, the connection to the local area and what pride they take in their product.  The tasting session was good but again I didn’t feel it made the most of immersing us in the process or the flavours of the drinks. 


After the tour we went into the bistro.  I really liked the feel of the place and the design. 


We had opted for the 3 course Sunday lunch menu whilst there, though the later evening menu looked particularly interesting. For starter I chose the Cumbrian air dried ham, compressed melon, mozzarella and heritage tomatoes dish. I particularly enjoyed the freshness of this dish and the Cumbrian ham was delicious.
 Mr Frivolitea chose the smoked mackerel pate, pickled cucumber and sourdough. A simple dish but full of flavour.


For main course Mr Frivolitea chose the roast beef dinner, something he can rarely refuse!  He really enjoyed it but it did swim in gravy a bit!


For main I had the grilled cod with minted peas and tartare sauce. This was ok but I felt it lacked flavour. I love simplicity but this felt almost too simple!


The puddings were the best it of the meal all in all.  Mr Frivolitea had the chocolate brownie toffee popcorn and salted caramel icecream.

I simply had salted caramel icecream with almond tuille.  


Though in some ways I left disappointed, I think the Lakes distillery has lots of potential and certainly the bistro evening menu looked fantastic. I reckon we will return to give ti another go.

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