As part of my attempts at healthy eating I’ve been following a healthy eating plan. One of the suggestions is bircher muesli, here’s my version.

Ingredients:  (serves 2)

50 g porridge oats ( I use stringer porridge from a local farm in Bishop Wilton)

1 apple, grated

15g pumpkin seeds

15g sunflower seeds

15g chopped almonds

1/2 tsp cinnamon

100g natural yoghurt

100ml water

A handful of blueberries  and raspberries


Put the apple, oats, cinnamon and half the almonds and seeds in a bowl and mix.

Add in the yoghurt and water and mix together.

Cover and chill overnight.

To serve:

Divide the muesli between two bowls, add the other half of the almonds and seeds and top with blueberries and raspberries



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