Another experiment today after buying a nice piece of pork belly at our farm shop. I used some ideas from the bbc food site to come up with this

Piece of pork belly ( skin scored)
chinese five spice
Sea salt

Dipping sauce
4 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
1 shallot finely diced
Piece of ginger finely diced

To serve: steamed spring greens and sushi rice

I rubbed a couple of teaspoons of Chinese five spice and sea salt into the pork and left it in the fridge for a couple of hours

I then cooked it for 15 minutes at the highest heat in the oven then turned it down to 160C and cooked it for a further 1 3/4 hours

For the dipping sauce I simply mixed everything together

Once the pork had rested I cut it into chunks and served it with some sushi rice some spring greens and drizzled over dipping sauce.

It doesn’t look pretty but it tasted delicious

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